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wavy chain

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Oversized brass link choker style necklace, a wavy & wild twist on an classic.

Necklace measures approximately 17ish inches. There can be slight variations in length due to the handmade nature of the piece.

There is also an option for a chain extender, a small chain that adds 3 inches to the necklace. Please email us after purchase if you interested in adding one to your necklace.

Chain links are approximately 2x1 inches.

'S' hook style clasp makes it easy to take on and off, and to adjust length. 

There is an limited quantity of pre made Wavy Chains and all necklaces purchased are ready for shipping/pickup.

Each Wavy Chain is lovingly cut, sanded, soldered, polished & put together by hand.

(Necklace is shown extra long in last photo, with chain extender)

Made by Sunday Feel in Winnipeg, MB.