Zaleska Jewelry

the moongate necklace - silver

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A note from the designer:

"As a child, I would often daydream of magical portals hidden in plain sight. The Moongate Necklace is what I imagine I’d wear if I had to choose one piece to adorn myself with when travelling though a portal into the unknown."

  • Sterling silver pendant featuring a faceted oval rainbow moonstone.

  • Sterling silver chain and lobster clasp, 20" chain.

Moonstone reminds us that it is time to get down with our divine selves. It invites us to explore the places in our bodies that need both passion and healing. This gemstone is also an ideal companion for an inward spiritual journey and it fires up our feminine side. Be prepared for an influx of intuition.

Handmade - please wear with care.

Zaleska Jewelry is handmade by founder Sylvia and her talented team of silver and goldsmiths in Vancouver, B.C. and Bali, Indonesia.