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the figura necklace - sterling silver

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A note from the designer:

"I’ve always noted a painting’s frame, especially if it is a piece of art in itself. In university, I had a professor describe frames as the “Cinderellas of the art world,” because they do a tremendous amount of work, yet are rarely considered the masterpiece. The Figura Necklace asks us to consider how the edges of the pendant set up a stage for the sparkling aquamarine, and in turn create a balanced, detailed presentation."

  • Sterling silver pendant featuring a faceted kite-shaped aquamarine.

  • Sterling silver chain and lobster clasp, 20" chain.

Aquamarine helps with blocked communication, stagnant energy, and thoughts that no longer serve the forward motion of your human journey. By clearing barriers, aquamarine asks you to dance to your own beautiful rhythm. If you trust that voice of self-love and don’t look back, everything will blossom. Count on it.

Handmade - please wear with care.

Zaleska Jewelry is handmade by founder Sylvia and her talented team of silver and goldsmiths in Vancouver, B.C. and Bali, Indonesia.