Honeysuckle Gathering

hand-painted salmonberry top - S

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Salmonberries! I vividly remember beautiful summer days spent picking salmonberries with my mother. Such wonderful times. 

This one of a kind top is made from 100% reclaimed cotton that was hand-painted by Soft by Juju and then sewn by Honeysuckle Gathering. The goal of this project was to celebrate Native BC plant species through creating unique and dynamic garments that will be staples in your wardrobe forever. An amazing collab between Honeysuckle Gathering and Soft by Juju!

Features seamless sleeves (no shoulder seam) for added comfort and flexibility and sits right at the hips for a flattering, easy, wearable fit.  

Size S - made from 100% reclaimed cotton <3

 measured flat shoulders bust + waist length (shoulder to hem) arm hole width

18" 19.5" 17.5" 6.75"


Care: wash gentle cycle and hang to dry :)