nimbus stud earrings - gold

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✨☁️ Nimbus cloud inspired earrings!☁️✨

Nimbus clouds are clouds that already have rain or snow falling from them and are typically associated with thunder and lightning. With this one, I wanted to have some long rays in there to depict the way light reflects in those special moments when the sun peaks out during a heavy rain. 

Features freshwater pearls and vermeil studs - great for sensitive ears ✨✨

Approx. 2" tall x 2" wide

Please note that every pair varies slightly as each pearl has its own unique shape.

Made in Vancouver, BC by FRNGE founder, Julie-Anne Kitchen. 


Julie-Anne is Dakelh and Metis on her mother's side but wasn't able to engage with the culture while growing up, as her mother was adopted into a non-indigenous family. Most of Julie-Anne's work is beaded using traditional and contemporary styles, and she uses it both to connect with her roots as well as to try to bring something different to Indigenous fashion. She first learned how to bead from her Indigenous school counsellor in grade 3- and would spend countless lunch hours with her doing this. "I didn't realize it then but it was so special to have someone like her give me little pieces of her culture so I could reconnect with mine. The inspiration for FRNGE is earthy and celestial. I wanted the designs to serve as an ode to the magic in our natural world- the sun, the stars, all the specks of light in between."