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breathe decongestant balm

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Breathe is the perfect remedy for sinus and chest congestion. It is a natural and petrochemical free vapour rub with antimicrobial and antiviral benefits; it helps to open up the airways. 

This formula is camphor free, and does not contain peppermint (as this is not safe for children under age 10); instead we have used spearmint, which is safe for children over 6, as it is warming instead of cooling.

This formula contains essential oils of tea tree, lavender, cypress, juniper, eucalyptus radiata, spearmint, white pine, and black spruce

It also contains beeswax, olive oil, and vitamin E.

Comes in a 1 ounce tin.

How to Use:

Rub a small amount on the bottoms of the feet and/or on the chest area.

All Pranic Forest products are free from animal fats, synthetics, parabens, plastics, and chemical preservatives, petrol chemical free and cruelty free.