✿ Picnics and Poetry x Fortiv is a collaboration between Sally and Michelle, two friends brought together by their passion for handcrafted garments and sustainably made clothing ✿ 

Inspired by our love of vintage fashion, our garments reference classic silhouettes while reimagining certain elements to make them both timeless and contemporary enough to transcend seasons.

Together, we want to create pieces that are joyful, have an element of play, align with our ethos, and feel magical to wear. Pieces that make you say “hello, friend” every time you put them on, and “thanks for the memories” every time you take them off. 

All garments in this collaboration are handmade to order exclusively from vintage and deadstock fabrics. Every piece is hand cut by Michelle (Fortiv) and sewn by her or a local independent seamstress. 

We are so excited to share our first design: the Primrose Dress.

✿ Our Process ✿

This project is the culmination of a slow and intentional process. From sketching, to drafting, to prototyping and wear testing, every part of the process is carefully planned out without rush or time constraints.

With so much vintage and deadstock fabric already in existence, we wanted to create in a way that extends the life of these materials and reduces textile waste. We love the surprise of finding reclaimed materials and creating something special from what was once forgotten or left unused. This lends to a slower, more intentional process and means that every garment is one of a few or one of a kind.

This is a project inspired by friendship, beautiful moments, and making lasting memories. We are so excited to see how it fits seamlessly into your lives <3

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