slowing down is something that is taken very seriously over here 

This space was created to shake up the traditional retail model of continuously introducing new products into your realm. Everything welcomed into the space is meant to be timeless, not seasonal. Loved forever, not just for a short while. This process is slow and intentional, and I like it that way.

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. The next review date for all submissions is on June 24th –– full moon day! 

Please be sure to submit your story and a little about what you do should you wish your submission to be reviewed during this period. Expect to receive a follow up within 3 weeks of the deadline. 

I so look forward to reading about your journey and learning about the poetry which you create in this world. Thank you for making this space a more beautiful place to be.

All submissions can be emailed to

Please include "SS21 Application" in your subject line.