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picnics and poetry is a concept space and community showcasing slow fashion + art by independent designers

this is a transient space - part event and workshop studio, part slow pop up boutique and showroom, picnics invites you to connect with yourself, community, and culture. Welcome to our community 🦋

all independent designers represented at picnics are committed to slow, ethical, and low-impact processes

The simplest way to break this space down is in two parts; Picnics and Poetry:

Picnics are about community, coming together, gathering, connecting, and sharing. The studio serves as an event space for exactly this - whether it’s through pop up shops, product launches, workshops, special exhibitions, customer appreciation events, and everything in between.

Poetry is about the creation of something beautiful in each designer’s language. Every single thing that has passed through this realm is a piece of poetry which has been created by a dedicated artist or designer. I’m incredibly honoured to be collaborating with the wealth of talented creatives in this space through showcasing and selling their work (aka––their poetry).


Sally Nadison Reyes Founder Picnics and Poetry

​My name is Sally Nadison Reyes, and Picnics and Poetry is my brainchild. This space is an extension of my own home and multi-hyphenate way of life. A microcosm of how I experience the world and this universe. It is an expression of my ethos, from supporting craftsmanship and slow living to a de-commercialized sense of beauty. 

My ambition is to discover a new take on the retail experience––one that brings creatives together in an ever-evolving landscape of design, art, fashion, and culture.