picnics and poetry is a slow fashion and slow living studio supporting independent artists and designers who are committed to ethical, sustainable, and low-impact processes. 

 Sally Nadison Reyes Founder Picnics and Poetry

​My name is Sally Nadison Reyes, and Picnics and Poetry is my brainchild. This space is an extension of my own home and multi-hyphenate way of life. A microcosm of how I experience the world and this universe. It is an expression of my ethos, from supporting craftsmanship and slow living to a de-commercialized sense of beauty. 

My ambition is to discover a new take on the retail experience––one that brings creatives together in an ever-evolving landscape of design, art, fashion, and culture. 

S L O W   D O W N
This space is a reminder to all that it is okay to slow down. Beautiful, intentional things take time to create, and are meant to be loved for their entire lifetime, not just for a season.