Periodique is an ethical and handmade brand, that started in Vintage fashion. Slowly, from retouch to reworked, the creator Kimi, started to sew again. The first piece she made from scratch was a corset that was sold on Instagram. The love and interest for her corsets just grew and grew and she was approached to do a small collection for a Vintage store in Montreal named 'Seconde'. From there, her path through fashion became clearer and she decided to commit officially to designing clothes.

When she was a little girl, she was inspired a lot by her mom who would sew. Kimi loved to do small clothes for her plush animals and really soon, she started to use her mom's sewing machine. Coming from a small village up in Northern Quebec, her dream was to move to Montreal, a bustling city where fashion has always been flourishing. She decided to take the leap at the age of 18 and started studying in Fashion Design at College Lasalle. Feeling that she wasn't fitting in the mold of fashion worker and that she needed to find herself a bit more, she abandoned fashion for more than 10 years.

Vintage and Upcycled fashion brought a whole new perspective to her vision of what fashion is in 2021. The new perspective greatly inspired her to fully express her creativity in the modern fashion world. Kimi mostly use curtains, blankets, tablecloths or deadstock fabrics to make her creations, giving them this unique, one of a kind look.